Zeng Pu

Artist Profile (b. Sichuan, China, 1981)

“Fragmented Youth” is the continuation of “Heart” series of works by artist Zeng Pu. Graduated with Master Degree of Oil Painting in Chengdu Fine Art Academy, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, The artist will present his first solo exhibition in SIngapore and will display small oil paintings of portraits, with most of the pieces portraying only the top half of the figures, expressing their moods and facial expressions. They are usually arranged at the bottom half of the frame in various poses in contrast to the empty space at the upper half of the painting. This not only creates the ‘white space’ effect found usually on traditional Chinese ink painting, it also allows the audience to imagine freely.

Zeng’s oil paintings are usually small in size. Each of the paintings appears to be independent, but in fact, there may be countless ties between them. To a certain extent, we can view these paintings as a whole, a portrait of youth made up of fragmented snippets. The artist has also dedicated a small section of his works depicting animals and sceneries to create a more narrative background which audiences can easily interpret and relate to “youth”. Youth is nothing more than a process of growing. For Zeng, he has experienced the best times of life and doing things that he had first dreamed of doing, indulging himself in painting every day, day after day and year after year. What appears to be monotonous to others is the greatest source of happiness for Zeng.

The artist experiences personal growth in painting, as though the “Fragmented Youth” series that he is currently creating is a kind of diary of youth that records his life experiences. The series witnesses traces of his explorations in art. Though I do not wish to stereotype Zeng’s paintings just on the so-called theme of youth, I have to admit then again that in Zeng Pu’s world of art, fragmented youth is seen all over the place. In 2010, Zeng Pu produced 80 small paintings titled “Heart” series for the "2010 First New Star Arts Festival” which won him the "2010 Annual Art Awards ". Following in 2011, the Czech Embassy in China invited and organized a solo exhibition for Zeng Pu titled “Heart”. Aside to that, Zeng Pu was also invited to participate with his works in numerous significant exhibitions around the region. And in 2012, he was also invited to participate in “ART ASIA MIAMI 2012” United States tour, which has more than proven that his works have actually reached an international level.


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