Tracy Hamer

​Artist Profile

Tracy Hamer graduated from syracuse university in '92, receiving BFA in painting. she went on to study painting and printmaking in Florence, Italy. After living in NYC and travelling extensively around South East Asia, she eventually settled into her current home in Bali, Indonesia.

Tracy's art is mostly figurative, isolating specific aspects of the human figure, exploring themes of isolation, anonymity depersonalization. her most recent works plays with images from the past, borrowed and manipulated images from old magazines ads and movie posters, and redefining things through the use of text.

Since living in asia, tracy has exhibited in Biasa art space, Koong Gallery, Randelli Gallery, Pranoto's Gallery and Gaya Fusion of senses, In indonesia, and Carpe Diem Gallery in Bangkok. in 2006, she participated in Art Melbourne and in "Drawings from the Stockroom," a group exhibition in Biasa Art Space, Seminyak Bali. Recently, she participated in a group exhibition called red district project through Koong Gallery in Jakarta. Tracy is currently exhibition at Kabath studio in Seminyak.

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