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Song Lianmin was born in Anhui province, China, on 1st July 1961. Since young, his father encouraged him to read widely and cultivate his interest for ancient Chinese literature. It often depicts nature through poems and proverbs. Hence, this lead him to be mesmerized by art and the interaction between man and nature. In his village, there was a small stream. Seeing the stream flow to the horizon shows how art has endless opportunities for one to take up and excel, flowing towards success. ​


Song was fortunate to be exposed to china's history of art. As such, his works are inspired by the works of famous local artists such as Han Mei Ling . moreover, Song had the chance to be under tutelage from local artists such as Fan Zeng, Huang Yong Yu and Jing Shang Yu before studying in the local art college. they have greatly influenced his style in the later years.

Song studied at china central academy of fine arts from 1981 to 1985. During his course of study, he was Honoured to be lectured by Fan Zeng, Wu Guan Zhong, Zhang Ding , Yuan Yun Fu and Du Da Zhuo. In 1985, he performed well in his finals and decided to stay to teach. at that time, he was also presented with his graduation project and so his works werevpublished in a national magazine. His very first personal art exhibition was held at china central academy of fine arts exhibition hall in the year 1990. He was honoured that the exhibition was captured by china's popular  television network CCTV-1. In 1991, he went on to have his second exhibition in Singapore. from then on, he collaborated with an art teacher by the name of Wu Guan Zhong and organised many art exhibitions nationwide. As such, the works received recognition from the country. Hence, our works was preserved by china's national art museum. news of our nationwide art exhibitions spread and as a result art connoisseurs from countries like Japan, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan and USA began to appreciate and purchase our work. Apart from exhibitions, he did large-scale paintings and sculptures to be displayed in public areas around the country. He has also produced a documentary for central television station titled "墙上的艺术" which is also known as "mural art". 



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