Liu Qiming

1972     Born in Sichuan.

1995   Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.


            From 1995 up to now,Taught Fine Arts in Aba Normal College, then in Southwest University   of Science and Technology Institute.


            Currently  Live in Beijing as an artist,mainly engaged in the creation of painting, image, behavior,installation art and network interactive works, and has                        participated   in charity donation activities.



Solo Exhibitions:


2013    "Liu Qiming (39.998595,116.507515) Sun·Human body Measure”Caochang Art


             allery, Beijing.


2013    Liu Qiming Independent Art Project,“I give you my 272 days and nights”,




2008    “One line on life” Liu Qiming solo Exhibition Vasion .Peak Art Space,beijing.


2008    Harmonious But Different,  Arts Mansion, Beijing.


2006    Deportation, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich.


2001     Liu Qiming,Zhongding Gallery,Taizhong.


1995     Fluidity and Limitation of Radon and Tritium, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.




Group Exhibitions:


2013   Harmonious But Different, Arts Mansion, Beijing.


             “2013,the time restart”,Congli Art Hall,Beijing.


2012   “Simpleton Dock”——Shanghai International Live Art Festival,  Shanghai.


            “Garden.Live”——Suzhou International Live Art Festival,Suzhou.


             Body Sound Breath Spirit---First Jin Xi Live Art Festival,Jin Xi.


             “Hearsay”Show,798 art district,Beijing.


             Benetton Art Project, pekin fine arts, Italy.


            13th Open International Performance Art Festival,Space Station,Beijing.


            Contemporary art exhibition opening, pay taxes, 2012 Art granary, Qi Sheng


            Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu.


            “In fact, I'll wait for you for a long time” Heyi 798 art projects, Beijing. 


2011   Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition ,Venezuela Museum of Contemporary Art,




             Lu Chuan Collection Art Exhibition,Chuan Space,Beijing.


            “4³”Exhibition, Beijing.


            Digital age, Phoenix.


2010   “$ 10”art activities, Network + field experiments show, Beijing.


            “Hidden Truth”China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nice.


            Sensitive words, Network + site behavioral experiments show, Beijing.


           “Warm Winter” program, Beijing Art District.


           Season, Art Residence, Beijing.


          “28 kinds of 36 cases” Experimental Video,Internet exhibition show. Beijing.


2009   Art Fairs 2009,Paris.


          Histoire  Recente ----China contemporary art exhibition ,Chateau De Tours


          Let's Play Together, Soul Collection Art,,Beijing.


          Experience/Gorgeous: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, FFeng Art


          Organization, Beijing.


          Remix and Share CC Art Exhibtion,Inter Art Center, Beijing.


          Documentary “May 12th  Xinjian primary school for example”, Internet exhibition


          show. Beijing.


          “Fly”Experimental Video , Internet exhibition show. Beijing.


         “The day after tomorrow”Experimental Video,Internet exhibition show. Beijing.


          2008   Try to Remember, Osagegallery,Hong Kong. 


         Anti-normal, Double Luck Gallery,Beijing.


         China Deconstucted ,ArtSpace/Viller Galleries,Miami. 


         The Temptation of White, Double Luck Gallery,Beijing.


         “Together We Pull Through ” Chinese Contemporary Art Community Disaster


         Relief Charity Auction Preview,Beijing.


         Chinese contemporary art exhibition,Opera gallery,Hong Kong.


         “Chinese Situation”contemporary art exhibition,   Beijing.


2007  1976—2006 “Sichuan Painting School” Academic Retrospection, China Ministry


          of Culture, Beijing.


          “JIN”2007 Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Capital Normal University Museum


          of  Art, Beijing.      


          Restart: Suojiacun International Art Camp Exhibition, Beijing.


         “Move Inversely”Modern Art Exhibition, Beijing.


         Circling Railway International Art Exhibition, Beijing.


         “Mix Match”12 Artists’ Joint Exhibition, New York Art Space.


          Blooming in Spring Warmth ,789 Art Gallery ,Beijing.


          Obedience and Disobedience,Yan Wu Space,  Beijing.  


2006  Red Years, Hangzhou.


            Neo- Minimalism Conception Exhibition, New York.


2005  Shanghai•Mianyang Art Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai.


            Originating from Shared Feeling: Eight Artists’ Oil Paintings, Mianyang.


2004   Sichuan Oil Painting Exhibition, Chengdu. 


2003    Artworks from College Art Teachers in Sichuan Province, Chengdu.


2001    Existence•Migration, Chengdu.


1999    Moment: Chinese Art in the End of the Twentieth Century, Chicago, USA.


1998    Chinese Artworks from Art Teachers at Normal Universities, Liaoning.


             Artwork Exhibition of Sichuan Province( won the Second Prize), Chengdu.


1997    City Personality: Invitational Exhibition for Four Artists, Shanghai.


             Chinese Oil Painting Traveling Exhibition in Europe & Southeast Asia.


1996   Documents from Highlands Blush Studio, Chengdu.