Ho Chee Lick

Artist Profile

Dr. Ho Chee Lick, a professor of linguistics at the National University of Singapore and largely self-taught artist, Dr. Ho has produced paintings that have captured both the interior emotional landscapes of Singaporeans and the exterior landscapes of Singaporean life. born in pre-independent Singapore, dr. ho's foundations in painting were seeded while attending the Chinese high school, and grew over the years with the nurturing friendship and tutelage under Singaporean treasures like Lim Tze Peng, Chen Wen Hsi and Chen Chong Swee.

Spanning a thirty-five career, dr. ho will display selections from his body of work that recall the everyday scenes close to the Singaporean heart, for instance those of the Tiong Bahru, Outram and Tembeling road neighborhoods. his style can be characterised by the duality that lies in his technique - fluid or angular - as well as the tension that distinguishes the control of urgency-infused brushwork, and the poignant temporality of the subject matter.

Painted scenes of back doors, streets, trees between buildings and hawker stalls are indicative of Dr. Ho's keen eye for geometric forms and architectural elements. His works may be found in the collection of the National Art Gallery, Art Retreat (private museum), NUS Museum, NTU Museum, and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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