Hansen Thiam Sun

​Artist Profile

Hansen Thiam Sun was born in 1960 in Toho, a beautiful and pristine hamlet in west Kalimantan ( Borneo ). the purity and beauty of the environment in which he grew up stimulated young HANSEN to become deeply interest in visual arts, especially drawing, a hobby that became deeply embedded in his life even in adulthood. he has had his share of overseas travels and adventures. He returned to Indonesia in 1990 and resided in west java for 13 years until he moved to Bali in 2003.

In 1967, HANSEN served as an apprentice to a painter, Mr. Lim Ngok Chung.  who instilled in the boy’s young mind a solid foundation that later became essential to his artistic development. In 1980, he studied mechanical design in Taipei, Taiwan. Simultaneously, he seized this opportunity to study abroad as a vehicle to further develop his artistic talent. Soon after graduating from college 1984, he worked for an American yacht manufacturing company as a designer and technical drawing specialist. During this time, Hansen took a yacht design specialization study at Westlawn School of Yacht design in Connecticut. While continuing the cultivation of his artistic talent in the united states, Hansen was directly influenced by a well-known architect and painter, Ms. Georgian. under her guidance, He developed his own sense of style marked by an original and distinctive play of strokes that are characteristically simple and spontaneous. Yet his works overflow with reflections of life in its myriad manifestations - reflection that are both subtle and philosophical. as a result, the artist developed a unique style that is a mixture of semi abstract and minimalist art, by this mixture he bring the work into the contemporary art.

While refining his painting skills abroad, on the professional side, Hansen created numerous spectacular designs in the boating industry.

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