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Studio67’s First Independent Art Project ​

​First Collaboration Artist in 2013:

Liu Qiming Project Name: “I give you my 272 days and nights.”



Singapore, Studio67 Independent Art Project is an independent art project plan singlehandedly established by Studio67 Art Space (Singapore) specifically for contemporary artists around the world. It seeks to support artists who have unusual imagination, unique creativity and a keen interest to experiment and explore. It also aims to provide them with a good platform for creation and display.


Chinese artist Liu Qiming’s art project “I give you my 272 days and nights.” covers behavior, image, equipment and many other traditional forms of artistic expression while being unrestrained by them. At the same time, the Internet and information interaction have also become important modes of expression and means of creativity. Indeed, artist Liu Qiming’s composite experimental style is the main reason why we chose to support him to complete this project.


The project titled “I give you my 272 days and nights.” was officially launched on 7 March 2013. In support of Chinese artist Liu Qiming, Studio67 Art Space bought for him iPhone 5 and iPad 4G in Singapore as work materials. The iPhone 5 and iPad 4G products are the latest multimedia smart products from Apple Inc. based in the United States. They are the typical representations of the most high-end information technology and smart technology currently utilized by consumers around the world. In the course of this project, artist Liu Qiming will use these two products as his normal tools in his daily life. The period of use will be from 7 March 2013 to 4 December 2013. All the traces during this process will be fully retained on the memory storage (including cloud storage) of these products. Further, the artist himself will not delete any traces of use. On 4 December 2013, these products will be included among the works for his solo art exhibition. Ultimately, they will be exhibited at Studio67 Art Space in the form of interactive devices.


During the exhibition, visitors can access and explore all the contents and traces of Liu Qiming’s life that are recorded on these two products during the 272 days. At the same time, members of the audience are allowed to use the identity of “Liu Qiming” to download and delete from these two devices based on their own interests and desires. They can also operate and use these two devices as they please for interaction over the Internet and other activities. For artist Liu Qiming, it is indeed a huge challenge and risk this time! This project may involve personal privacy, experience and definition of identity, science and alienation, information legislation, faith and happiness, space, religion and other diverse issues and thoughts.


Any invention, progress and application of science and technology will profoundly impact the changing of the times, as well as the thinking, lifestyles, behaviors and habits of people. While bringing mankind unusual imagination and convenience, they also cause people a lot of confusion, and even disasters! Let’s face it. Regardless whether you are madly pursuing, indifferently following or passively accepting, we cannot but acknowledge and face this reality. As the most sensitive group of mankind, artists are naturally deeply affected. Through this project collaboration, we will have the opportunity to see the unique insights and judgments of Chinese artist Liu Qiming regarding this!




Dr. Ho Chee Lick, a professor of linguistics at the National University of Singapore and largely self-taught artist, Dr. Ho has produced paintings that have captured both the interior emotional landscapes of Singaporeans and the exterior landscapes of Singaporean life.

Born in pre-independent Singapore, Dr. Ho's foundations in painting were seeded while attending The Chinese High School, and grew over the years with the nurturing friendship and tutelage under Singaporean treasures like Lim Tze Peng, Chen Wen Hsi and Chen Chong Swee.