Past Exhibitions

 INSTINC10: Celebrating a decade of art and collaboration                     

 by 5 Singapore and 5 international artists

INSTINC is inviting 10 artists to create collaborative artworks in 7 days based on a prescribed theme, culminating in an exhibition at Studio 67 Art Space and then at the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore.



Heartfelt Architecture

Takeo Muraji Exhibition

There is a conversation between humans and architecture. Takeo would like to design architecture that a positive conversation. For that reason, it is important to create a relationship between the deep psyche and architecture.
The design concept can be created a relationship. This is how he transform the deep psyche into architecture as reality.


"Floating Clouds" is the conception expression and record of Qiming’s thinking and feeling on life and society. As an artist, who expresses the ideas from nature and life through soulful and artistic works, art is his unique expressive language and his works are the traces of his thought. As an artist with strong painting skills, he left behind the legacy of a philosopher and important art history record through his works.





Dr. Ho Chee Lick, a professor of linguistics at the National University of Singapore and largely self-taught artist, He has produced paintings that have captured both the interior emotional landscapes of Singaporeans and the exterior landscapes of Singaporean life.






Reminiscence ​

a solo exhibition by ho chee lick


Spring Summer 2012

Contemporary Oil Painting by Song Lian Min



 Sweet Wild Garden is an exhibition that peels the onion of self-taught Filipino artist Reynold de la Cruz's heart, soul and self behind his body of works. In De la Cruz often cryptic, comic and wry take on life and other existential themes, he seeks to point out the necessity of contraries in the nature of things - good and bad, failure and triumph, and etc. It is through the co-existence of these elements that enable life, allegorically referred to as a garden, to be sweet and wild simultaneously.​





Sweet Wild Garden ​

A Solo Exhibition by Reynold Dela Cruz



“Fragmented Youth” is the continuation of Zeng Pu’s “Heart” series of works. The exhibition will display small oil paintings of portraits, with most of the pieces portraying only the top half of the figures, expressing their moods and facial expressions. They are usually arranged at the bottom half of the frame in various poses in contrast to the empty space at the upper half of the painting. This not only creates the ‘white space’ effect found usually on traditional Chinese ink painting, it also allows the audience to imagine freely.





With drawings seen as pages taken out of a mega sketchbook, the artist produced drawings like a young child on the floor playing with paints and pencils. Whether standing on the Marina Promenade or strolling along the bustling cosmopolitan city populated with high-rise buildings and landscape gardens. The artist depicts Singapore as a colourful and playful atmosphere, brimming with a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture, indeed a dynamic city that’s rich in contrast and colour.




 Song Lian Min who was born in Anhui Province, China, will present a series of oil paintings inspired during his travels in Tibet where life is thought less ordinary but humble.