Adele Hetherington


Artist Profile

Adele (b. sydney, australia) is inspired by the passage of time, the current news and the ridiculous outcomes in the news. many of her works are influenced by travel.

Her paintings are filled with colour and tell the story of the day, be it the Mr. Madoff case, global warming or the decimation of the forests in south American. she avoids being an activist but is nonetheless fascinated by the human condition and the blindness with which we conduct our lives.

In her work she hopes to convey the feeling that these subjects bring up, whether that be joy, sadness or amusement.

She paints with passion and instant coming to the canvas, somehow with a desperate need to complete the work and will paint with enthusiasm all night long if the desire takes her. when the work is done, it tells her it is done, she does not need to question this.

Adele loves to play with colour and different styles, currently she is fascinated by graffiti and the message that it tries to convey. When she travels, Adele takes photos of graffiti and enjoys the different styles. the knowledge those artists have that their work may well be painted over the very next day does not seem to stop them, this she can relate to, with a feeling that she will never stop. during her BA (Hons) degree Adele wrote her dissertation on graffiti and why people do it also questioning "Is Graffiti Art?"

Her style of painting is fun and childlike with an inquisitive nature she pushes herself in different directions to achieve new works.

with invitations to the London Olympic art exhibition, Basel art fair, Barcelona, Brazil and Amsterdam.  her works sit in private collections around the world such as England, Germany, Thailand, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, japan, Australia and of course Singapore.

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