​​About Studio67 Art Space

Our Team

Music and art have always been James passion since young. He feels that arts give him a personal space where he can express himself. Meeting obstacles and unhappiness in life, it is art that guide James, giving him light at the end of the tunnel. The intricacy of art itself allows James to find inner peace, where he can dwell in his personal eutopic world. Hence, this drive a desire to create an arts sanctuary, consisting of an art gallery, music studio and fine dining; all under one roof, in an old shophouse known as Studio67. This is indeed a dejavu for him as he was born and bred in a pre-World War II era shophouse. James had pleasant memories then and hence he hopes that he could renact these old memories and share with his close friends.​

It was at this juncture when James met his long lost friend, Mr Song. This further coaxed James to pursue his aspirations of building Studio67. Mr Song's knowledge of arts and artistry led James to bring his plans to a higher ground. Hence, this gives him the thumbs up to proceed with his dreams; of creating an Art Sanctuary, Studio67.

James Goh ​​


Xiaoqian is the gallery assistant for James Goh. She's always liked and admired traditional Chinese paintings and poetries, thus after graduating from an art college; she chose to work in the art industry, primarily engaging in the promotion and development of contemporary art. To her, good works of art come not only in an era of aesthetic form, but through the works it also allows her to reflect further.


"I am honored to have joined this team, not only have I had the opportunity to visit and read about the different regions; I also get to see works of outstanding artists with different styles. Not only have I experienced working as a team, I also get to participate in the organization of professional functions".


Liu Xiao Qian